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Atlantic Canada Is Opening Their Arms to the Foreign Nationals

Are you planning to settle in Canada? Then you have a golden opportunity. Four Atlantic provinces of Canada is ready to hire foreign nationals to fill the vacant positions. The positions must be advertised locally, and if it still remains vacant, the employers are permitted to hire foreign nationals. Of course, there are some legal glitches. To iron the glitches smooth, you should get in touch with the immigration lawyer in Canada before you start the application procedure.

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What Is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

In 2017, the federal government and the provincial government jointly decided to welcome foreigners to four provinces of the Atlantic region. The provinces that are welcoming the foreign nationals are Nova Scotia, Labrador, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. According to the officials, the government has decided to welcome more than 7000 foreigners and their families by 2020.

Background of the Program

Through this program, the government is allowing the local employers to find, hire and retain global talent. In this way, the government is trying to fill the posts which could not be filled by the local talent. The program also chalked the plans regarding the impending population growth. The program focuses on the skilled workforce and immigration, infrastructure, trade and investment, innovation, clean growth and climate change. You can know more about the legal nitty-gritty from the immigration lawyer in Canada.

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How Does It Work?

Before you apply for the program, you must understand that it is completely employer driven. To become eligible for the program, you must have a job offer from an employer. You should also have a plan of settlement for you and your family. As per the immigration lawyer in Canada, the employers do not need to get a Labor Market Impact Assessment for this program.

What Happens After The Job Offer?

Once you accept the offer, the employer will introduce you to an organization that provides designated settlement service. This organization will help you to develop a settlement plan and do the needs assessment. Rest assured that your employers will be responsible for the long-term integration for you and your family. However, to make the settlement procedure hassle free, you need to contact the experienced professionals of immigration lawyer in Canada.

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Steps That Employers Must Follow

If you are an employer and want to hire a foreign national for your company, then you must apply to the particular province, so that you can get the designation. If your business is sprawled in multiple provinces, then you must acquire a different designation for each province. You also must commit to helping the newcomers and their families to adjust to the new environment. It is wise to take the advice of the Immigration lawyer in Toronto before you apply for the designation.

Canada always had a positive attitude towards immigrants. The country provides an opportunity to all even if you are not highly skilled. This program also provides chances to the intermediately skilled persons to start a new life. The international student graduates also get an opportunity to apply under this program. After you make the decision about the immigration, seek the help of professionals such as immigration lawyer in Canada to make the legal glitches go away.